Judith A. Lawrence

Location Daytona Beach, FL
Occupation Publisher/Editor/Artist/Writer
Website http://www.riverpoetsjournal.com

About Me

Loyal friend
Life Teacher
Somewhat literate
Raised haphazardly but actualized more or less
Pale office cave dweller
Fresh bread and cake lover with expectant results
Crazy for fields of wild flowers
Crazy for good poetry and stories
Crazy for HGTV and Law & Order
Poet who wanders occassionaly into other realms

Why do you write?

I write because the characters in my head and those I meet in my life demand to tell their story, in a poem, in prose, in a memoir, in a novel. They raise such a clatter, I have no choice.
Some are much ado about nothing. Others are quite satisfying.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Some of my favorite Poets:

Theodore Roethke

Stanley Kunitz

Bob Dylan

Charles Bukowski

Ruth Stone

Some of my favorite Writers

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Frank O'Conner

Anne Tyler

Annie Dillard

Maggie O'Farrell

Phoebe Wilcox

Judith A. Lawrence's Wall

Phoebe Wilcox – Dec 01, 2011

you crack me up, sista.

Beate Sigriddaughter – Nov 07, 2011

Thank you for your fun comment on "Poem Containing 'So,' 'And,' 'Such.'"

Jack Swenson – Nov 07, 2011

Judith, thanks so much for your comment and fav for my silly story about the fanny-whacking kid. True story, too (blush).

Con Chapman – Sep 24, 2011


Thanks for commenting. The stuff I write here is virtually unsaleable, so fictionaut readers never have to waste money on The New Yorker, etc.

Doug Bond – Feb 27, 2011

Judith...thanks for your wonderful comment, so glad "In The Beginning..." tickled a rib. Nice to meet you here.

J. Mykell Collinz – Feb 27, 2011

Hi, Judith. Thanks for reading '1965, what I wanted.' I appreciate your comment very much.

Mark Sutz – Jan 28, 2011

Judith, thanks for taking the time to read Idaho. Most sincerely appreciated.

James Lloyd Davis – Jan 26, 2011

Judith, thank you ever so much for the fave and the lovely comment on "The Storefront Poet."

Kathy Fish – Nov 16, 2010

Thanks for reading the interview and the lovely comment on "Snow" Judith!

Kari Nguyen – Sep 01, 2010

Judith, thank you so much for that wonderful comment on Ice Melts. Those images kept surfacing for me, and I’m happy with the way they came together. Glad you liked it.

Susan Tepper – Aug 31, 2010

Judith, so glad you like "burned" for your 55 word group! Hope you are doing well!

Judith A. Lawrence – Aug 10, 2010

Susan, Thanks for the invite. I finally shoved everything off my desk and went on a picnic at Fictionaut.

JM, Thank you for the welcome mat. My apology for my late arrival.

Susan Tepper – May 07, 2010

Judith, so happy you have joined! You can start a Group for your press by going to "Groups" and following a few instructions.

JM Prescott – May 07, 2010

Welcome to Fictionaut Judith.

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