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Empty Clock

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In the middle of the city stood an enormous clock. The clock contained many parts: gears, springs, cogs, and so on. But in this particular clock, the two most prominent parts were the bell and the pendulum. The pendulum swung every second, and the bell ra

kroy hearts destiny

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r luv iz gud enuf 4 a tat2

What I wanted 1976

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turn my Dorothy Hamill into a golden shadow


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1. Walking here with you on these narrow strands of clean air & imagination

match point

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two roses her eyes aqua-blue no, blue-green

Night Of The Ghouls

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The following is a true story. Though it happened 35 years ago, it happened last night too. Everyday a new convert is welcome, a new tapestry begun. A new hunger is born.

From This Distance

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Yes, I can imagine it now/ how we could each disappear completely/ connected only through memory's fault lines/

Three in a Major Key

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One can watch the grass green/ in response. One can watch the world green/ in response.