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The Big Game

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The vampire donated floodlights so the children could play ballgames at night. The lights came on but the dugouts remained vacant. The vampire sat alone in the bleachers. “Sometimes I am less than the sum of my parts,” he said to the sum of his parts.

Human Things

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My hands still twitch at the varied tastes of his blood; a sensation of hope, wanting ambition caught within a ruthless dream.

One Thousand Incarnations and One Thousand Deaths - Part I

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She heard mortar fire, whose percussive power rose above the tapping typewriter keys. A perspiration of terror broke on Loretta’s brow, under her arms. Then suddenly, the whistling of shells.

One Thousand Incarnations and One Thousand Deaths - Part II

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The door flew open, hitting the wall, and the woman seated in the corner across from her pressed herself against the bench. Loretta saw that down through her petticoats came a trickle of yellow liquid, which pooled on the floor.

Texas hold ’em

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. . . at midnight three zombies and a vampire gather for a game of Texas hold ’em.

Henry's Night

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Henry recognized the shoes. “There’s a little vampire came in with those on, but I last saw her over by the juice bar.” He couldn’t be bothered with Arthur’s “sections.” The club wasn’t that big that it had to be defined by sections.

The Editor Is Always Right

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J.K. Rottenblotter, editor of Horrible Stories Magazine, has a midnight visit from a rejected short story writer to debate whether classical vampires or sparkling vampires represent real world vampires.