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Nine Million Eggs (Valentines Day Challenge)

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Most of them were men who wanted photos of her naked.

Badabing Badaboom

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Tony Soprano said, “My pal Franco is a misunderstood hopeless romantic. If you don't capiche that, I'll have a conversation with your kneecaps.”

Dear Corporate Security (Part I)

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The scarecrow is you and the tin man is everyone who ever told you not to try any harder. There is no lion because we shot and ate him for breakfast two weeks ago with a side of watermelon and some orange juice. The only thing that you can count on is tha

Hotel Khadijah

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"A prostitute of the Hotel Khadijah in Rahab fell in love with my father...."

Valentine's Day: Say it with Chickens

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Love at first sight? Not for me.