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The Serious Writer and Her Pussy

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One can smuggle drugs inside a pussy. (also, see tags!)

Godfrey part 2: Marjory's bag

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"when I say bag, what I mean to say is…"

Non-existent Vagina

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I’ve always been a haunted house kind of girl. Some people are brave enough to explore me but it is the rare person who actually senses me and doesn’t run away screaming in abject horror.

Forgiveness In Strokes

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He sat on the seat furthest away and could not look me in the eye. Nor could he even glance in my general direction. He put one leg over the other and tried to speak. He shifted his weight. He crossed his arms across his board chest. He…

Dog & Pony Show

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The boy is a man is a guy is a smoked snack stick is a guide to picking up chicks at online dating sites is an Axe body wash commercial is a robot cartoon is a cautionary tale is a a zombie tv series reject is a country reduced to a whining drooling dog m


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You've never seen a vagina before.