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Ordinary as Milk

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The weather was cold and wet, and all day the crowds had been thin in the ten-in-one tent. Up on their platform, Fern and Rose sat on a wide threadbare chair, flanked by a pair of saxophones on stands.


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It hadn’t been a great job, but I sometimes miss the dreamy languor of the waterbed store. It had taken time to realize I was a decoy, that the business was a front for Doty’s drug operation. My…

Born Here (from Grand Street literary journal)

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I really only started reading books after the folks left. Right away I thought maybe I should have a system for it, so I go alphabetically by author, one book by one author. The first time around I was reading the books everyone knows, so when I was in th


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“I can’t believe you went ahead and got pregnant without me,” I said.


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He wanted to say the waves were colossal, but part of him didn’t want to scare them. He liked them being brave. He liked them being fearless.

The Coldest Day

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It is once again the coldest day of the year. And I don’t know what to do.


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Not many people like Geminis.