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15 Minutes More

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Ray is standing in front of the grave stone and staring at his friend’s name. He has been doing this every year now for eight years, every September 11 at exactly 8:46am. And every year he looks at the ground that holds his friend’s body and asks the


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He bounced over the beach, twirling and leaping as sunlight warmed the breeze on his belly, like when he and Janie were six.

Double Vision

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To conceive of them separated was unthinkable to every wet-eyed soul at the burial.

Of Midwest Contortionists In Extremis

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he dreams of levitation or meeting Houdini in the afterlife.

Throwaway From Notable Bangor Landscape Painter

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into sepia, into dust, the fifty one thousand unnameable spores;

Twin Lakes of Whiskey

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not that we ever had before

Future Children As Rocks

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I feel like I should tell you things about strength.