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Conversation on Thanksgiving

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“You always use that as a crutch. You, a sixteen year old girl. The way you were…” She looked at me, shaking her head, looking at my body as if remembering some wrong, some thing that should not have been.

The Turkey that Couldn't Gobble

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“Look at that dumb bird! He doesn't know how to gobble.” The other turkeys laughed.

Low On the Hog

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Living lower on the hog than anticipated lower on the hog than previously expected lower on the hog than desired Living on the underside of the hog belly pretty much bouncing on the ground beneath the aforementioned hog belly Living clos

Marseilles, "Stella," Water and Bells

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In "Climates," the characters stay in a hotel by the sea, and two professionals talk of playing tennis, then going swimming in the sea. Even here, I am just up the hill from a bay, viewable from the church with its many bells. Water-side, we dip out o

Duck Billed Platitude W/ Dust Jacket Hoarding Ambien

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where greeting card riffs go the way of breath cloud ...

Ode to Our Comms System

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Not a lovely view As lovely as it is

Feast of Sacrifice

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I'd have gone even if I got F's for the entire two weeks. The homeless would have homes, the sick, medicine; the hungry would eat. They could not wait for the generosity of Kurban Bayramı. Now was the hour of relief. The children's eyes. Lambs whose bl

Another Time

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My boyfriend had to work but had gotten a turkey for free and thought I could make it for everyone for Christmas Eve dinner. I had never made a turkey before, and not much of anything else. Now if my sister had been there, it might have been a meal of cul