Low On the Hog

by Jerry Ratch


Living lower on the hog than anticipated

lower on the hog than previously expected

lower on the hog than desired


Living on the underside of the hog belly

pretty much bouncing on the ground

beneath the aforementioned hog belly


Living closer to the hog's butt than would be desired

having your nose rubbed in hog butt from time to time

scrambling to get out of the way of an oncoming pork belly


Living off an unusually skinny hog

who apparently hasn't been hogging all that much

and could stand a refresher course in what it means to be a hog at all


Wishing we had never gotten into all this hogging in the first place

considering going back to hanging out pretty much with pure turkey

turkey appears to be where it's at lately


Being associated with turkeys would be the way

who really needs a hog anyway

when there are so many turkeys in the nation


Ah, screw it, stick with the hogs, it's too late

run with the hogs, that would be the way

running with the hogs through Pamplona