Stories tagged trauma

Winter '69

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One minute Rudy was sitting up close to me, asking me how could Geppetto make a little boy out of a piece of wood, and the next, Steve was pounding up the stairs, yelling, "Carla, get blankets, warm clothes; we're leaving, we won't be back."

Grand Mal With Grown-Up

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"... especially around puberty when they made you strap on the hot larynx loin cloth with lanyard puckered as a surgeon’s scrub mask ..."

White Dress in the Dark

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Inside my body she lives in the darkwhich is sometimes a forest that she cannot traversesometimes the thickness of tar that she cannot escapesometimes the dark is in her, sometimes she is the darkthat lives inside my body.Her frail girl's body, long braids hanging down her…

grooming wolves, indigestible girls

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In all the nights before I became a woman, a beast lay at my feet, pursuing some aspect of my flesh, his furred back reeking of fires and stagnant pools.

My Body has a Mind of it's Own

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The more my mind forgot, the harder my body remembered.

Gray Feline Beauty

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Her gray sinewy body is Michelangelo's Panther....

Train Ride to Naples

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Light wheeled above her head. She felt a knife stab her chest. The pain was too much - she lost consciousness.

Birds of Prayer: 2/8 The Chicken Killer From Brooklyn and his Satchel of Death

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His flat hat, a fur-trimmed streimel, lay on his head like a platter of dead minks, the man's Shirley Temple side-locks dangling like pigtails.

The Art of Madness

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He had an addiction to elevating himself to higher levels of potential: some would call this ambition.

The girl laughing in the dictionary.

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Trigger Warning.

The Guy by Isaac Boone Davis

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The Guy You get drunk at the party and tell everybody about the time you were raped. Half of it's bullshit. Alcohol is doing that to you…

Circus-thrust the Night Copier (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.6)

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Her fever spreads through lines of a plaid mini, over burnt milk, darkened to yellow. Fingers explore fabric folds up and into the lost dimensions of logic.

African Painted Dogs eat a child in my hometown

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A four year old boy is eaten / by the African Painted Dogs in my hometown zoo / after falling into the enclosure. His mother lifted him / on the fence to see the creatures.

a supermarket horror story

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stoned,/ i made the mistake/ of walking to the store across the busy street/ to find myself in the middle/ of the pep-up/ for a basketball game/ or something like that.

my father's fear

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my father has a phobia of dentists./ he also once felt/ that if the house ran out of toilet paper/ he would lose his job.