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You should really see my father's bunions. They are as obnoxious as fuchsia bowling bowls.

The Ending Tastes Just Like the Beginning

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He promises me night-time napalm and arsenic-laced locum. He promises me absolution or a shudder of respite. His words draw open my face and he promises me nothing at all. -His voice is seductive as a gold filigree gift-box proffered in long ivory hands.…

The jogger

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Heavy breath, Spandex, Nike— pass me in your labors; You nod and smile; Perspiration— I almost feel your clammy hands; Your toes touch mine, hot and…

How To Break A Toe In One Easy Step

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Life is hard and toes are fragile, which means that by the time you reach middle age, you've probably broken one. Or two. I recently broke a toe when I got out of bed in the middle of the night and tripped over a shoe. When friends and family consoled me with…

On Socks

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There’s a hole in my sock, just large enough that my big toe keeps slipping out.