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I don't want to sound too contrite. I just don't think they'll really understand what I've been able to do here. It's why I went to all the trouble to explain my processes in the documentation I left behind. Well, you are capable of reading through it. …

Long Term Medical Plan

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“It's going to be hitting around the mid-90's tomorrow” said the television expert. “So what? Like 1995?” “Maybe, perhaps even '96” “Does this mean I should break out my Backstreet Boys record?” …

Time Travel Telephone

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And now, the weather. The Cloud Wranglers have roped three solid clouds this morning, preventing the clouds from raining iron bars onto Human Brain Storage Center #17.


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time. Night after night he's up, restless. What if she knew his plans? If only he'd bypass his miscalculations and slip through

The Scientist's Wife

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You’re ridiculous. Time travel is impossible, Steven.

Caster Knox

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Caster had always imagined the Consensus as a big room, as big as the world, filled with white space and people with quantum wings, flitting about, creating information. There were tinted bubbles for people to share for privacy, and the lights never went

Maybe Maybe

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Xavier sat in his room, the uncurving walls wrapped around him like a prism. Something clawlike was reaching down at him, talonless but grasping. He looked at his watch and realized he was going to be late. He dived gently, a controlled dive, out from th

Time Travel And The Posse Comitatus McDonald’s Standoff

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Ricky's older brother Tom worked at a McDonald's, in the back half because of his full-face tattoos of Star Wars characters from outside the official canon, mostly creatures from fan fiction and Marvel comic books about the trilogy that were penned in a bizarro universe…

A Drowning

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Her time was spent in its usual way, breakfast, pills, organizing and cleaning. It was just hours behind today; hence the late swim. She was proud she did it, that she went outside. She swam, moved herself in the pool, chilly as it was. The pump made a wa

500 Years and Back

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Steven will probably quit when he gets to the new office. He’ll probably never even make it all the way there. Instead, he’ll leave a Steven-shaped hole in the side of the building that maintenance will never get around to patching up.


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"Did I have a choice? Could I just open my eyes, did I have to ‘see’ as he was telling me now I could? I decided to go for it. What did I have to lose? This was all a dream, too much driving to get here, too much reunion, too much food, too much beer. Or

Making Time

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Sleep left him like a fragmenting illusion. Suddenly, he was awake, like something pressing but fleeting had awoken him. Once awake, though, all he had was silence and stillness. His pulse quickened, his…

Black Ribbon

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The highway stretches out in front of me, a black ribbon winding into the future; a collapsing probability of possibility connecting me with the past and through it to the future.