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Sad without Tears

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Sometimes, to be sad, you don't need tears.


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I sat there for two hours, waiting for you.


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I was awakened by a disturbing dream. He was no longer with me and I felt afraid. Everything was cloudy, almost blurry. I couldn't see much in front of me, but I knew for sure he wasn't there with me. Then he said the words I feared the most “I don't love you.…

Clackamas Towne Center 2012

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The young mother slowly moved along the counter at Macy's, glancing at the sparkling bottles and attractive packages of scented soaps and powders. She reached for a bottle, then hesitated, looking…

All Wet

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the small break of consciousness that is my dreamswaterso much wateri can never forgive the watertoo many tears


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It was a phone call we never expected. You were so full of life and joy and the sound of your laugh was pierced in our minds. Two strokes. That's what they said. No explanation, no back story. We worried we would lose you. Immediately, all of our memories with you started…

Winter Blues

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He told me he could feel an army of tears building up behind his eyes.

I'm Done.

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Just another day The rain came from above Wishing I was far away To realize it's just love The echoing heartaches shatter these walls Breaking down the corridors of this lie I know I'm not the only one she calls There's no reason for me…

momentary delay

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The clouds cried more than silver tears, this time.


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When To Wear Mascara

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it's time for the cold, antiseptic cloth to briskly remove the evidence.

Got A Light

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The Catholic wedding was my idea even though the only god I believe in is Gary Stewart's vibrato (especially in "Ten Years of This").


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Jo was tailored, Amy was frivolous with ribbons and bows, Meg was plain and sensible; and Beth, who was ill and had no costume changes, wore the same nightgown throughout the dress-up session.