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Only in America

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Mullah Omar was quoted as saying that “America will fall to the ground.” The extinction of America will come about if God is willing.

Mm Mm Good

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I woke up on the sofa in Doc's living room about an hour later. I went downstairs. Doc and Kat were in the guest bedroom.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

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One of the women is a brassy blond, and when she takes off her coat, I almost choke on a French fry.

The Party

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My wife tells me I should marry Pam. “She would be good for you,” she says.

A Little Fishing

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Harpo sits and looks at something I can't see. I drink beer and ask him questions. I ask him how they found the cancer. Backache, he says. He went to see a doctor.


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The rain pelted down, it got dark, and they couldn't see a thing. The wind roared like a thousand locomotives.

A Tale

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But you don’t know how to fly, Bunny! How ever will we survive?

Outré Souls (WIP)

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When the lore of the land could no longer hold the minds of men, they turned their eyes to places where they expected to find no other gaze.