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Bread Sweaters

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We sat around the ocean table and ate eyes on ham

The Blue Lady

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Normally Colonel Hidalgo of the Ninth Regiment wasn't a drinking man, but today was different. It had been a day to be remembered, one he could recount over and over while sitting on the porch of his retirement villa in the mountains near the Central

The Number 4

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The number four didn’t need to feel anything but boxy, solid and even.

A Garden of Knives and Sugar

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...pages and scraps of pages...

Pru in the Dimple of the Broad-Smiling Boy

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. . . something so large as a little boy.

Dog Days

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The air is dry and smoky from a fire some miles away. The air is cool. A pair of vultures is soaring in a circle high above the rising land.

The Sticky Platypus of Love, the Novelists' Battle for Sedative Peace

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Let there fly the sticky platypus of love, resplendent beak of the sleek.

Broadcast From Earth Deli

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I have no confidence that you'll complete the task. Shit, you probably don't even understand it in the slightest.

Open Wound Talking

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My body a ghost

fc1 (bee boo guy/ valio hansolo)

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poon fred / loop ilo/ bussy yubb tree


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Six Feet Over

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I’ve paid my dues in this dimension/ so show me where the rest of them are

How Was Your Afternoon, Dear? 2

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The pool deck was covered with the bloody footprints of resident gawkers.

Dude Fish

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the wiggly word / floats toward the crowd

The Four Despairs of Lumpy

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children love to push the gas up and down my limbs