Stories tagged surrealism

The Number 4

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He'd always envied the number four with its symmetry and its squatty complaisance.

The coded feather in the glass

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Dirty intimate feathers They're not listened to by anyone I can't hear the feathers in my mind I can hear the breaking clattering thunder and the ambidextrous love

The children of the riddles

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Those curtain wearing warmongers With jelly eyed fish scales painted to the back of their necks Those were the days

Animal shelter

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Lie awake in the night without night and the Monday comes

The Garden of Earthly Delights

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When I come to suck fresh raspberries' juice from your hair pressing the clasp of my mouth's purse on the oyster of your ear;

Maths class

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There is a hole in my ear hair And it points the way to god The anatomical construction of my drinking sessions Is irrelevant

Star child

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The radiation of shadows It sits in the dwindling sun Speckled with frosted memories Treating the night like a rented car

Wax Lips Opiates

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The Syringimals were filled to their 60 ml capacity with a gelatinous ocher blood. They fluttered around using sparkly wings stolen from Disney fairies, and attempted language through wax lips that were usually secured with scotch tape.

Pollen in the night

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Jellyfish jellyfish Indigo eyes

Improvisation on a few lines by Mark Strand

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I am tripping on poetry. Purple ink drips from my eyes like ergot of rye.


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The new refrigerator was nice enough: stainless steel, with a bottom freezer, a crisper, and dispensers for filtered water and for ice. It complimented the stainless steel stove that the previous owners had put in before filing for divorce and leaving t

The Desert Lights

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It's so damn hot out that one day my skin melts right off. Slipping off my bones in chunks until it forms one big puddle on the floor below me. I can't even move I'm so overheated; all I can do is watch as my body is reduced to nothing but a skeleton. At

White Walls

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Last I knew she was seeing a boy named Evan. Last I knew the only time she really spoke to me was to ask a question about homework or if I had a pen she could borrow. I always kept extra pens handy. I haven't even seen her since school ended, so I don't…


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He and she are fucking while I watch. She's moaning deep desire and he's pounding flesh into flesh. I'm fully clothed, eyes attune to their fornication, studying. He comes inside of her; their bodies stiffen and then wriggle against one another. …

Lighthouse With A Face

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Lying on your side your mouth is a silver lode and miners are spilling out.