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Bacon and Eggs, 1977

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"Well, for starters, I know who you are."

saltminer's archive I

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Early sunrise lacks any heat and the skunks wait under culverts for the steam to rise from the stem. Nothing to do but dig and dig.


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You have arrived at the river, numb with the murmur of the city and the sleeplessness of anger, boredom, and too many people loving too many people too much. The heat in this night, not the moon as in ancient poems, is blazing; the moon is pink like the…

The Sun Rising

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Suddenly a secret trembling scatters all coherence of night, penetrates masses of clouds and water, in swelling diffusion of light. A line, a brilliance tears the horizon into the sky and the sea. Breaking shafts crown shivering waves where they melt and…

A Skeptic’s Faith

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Sunrise steals