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The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

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Moon-girl spins around & around drunk on her outrageous momentum as if she could make the world rotate on its own fables.

Sugar and Saline

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Aidan and Amber met in a doughnut shop.

Sweet Tooth

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There was a hole in my tooth. It wouldn't let anything go.


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The clouds above the Dublin Mountains are like singed cotton balls and the rose bush branches tremble in the north wind Mam hates so much. The lawn is a frozen square of muck, the white frost crusted on the few blades of grass left standing.

No Sugar

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Daddy was not a writer, the only book she ever saw him read was the King James Bible, but he taught her how to get by on the bare minimum so that feels familiar and comforting to her.


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Jo was tailored, Amy was frivolous with ribbons and bows, Meg was plain and sensible; and Beth, who was ill and had no costume changes, wore the same nightgown throughout the dress-up session.