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...they smiled their cautious pathetic poultry smiles and they stuck a needle in my arm and I cried...

Shostakovich’s 5th string quartet

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It’s starts like a quiet step, reminds me of when I walk upstairs to check on the little girl, leaving my slippers below, so they don’t flop and shuffle and wake her.

Lover Come Back

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I can feel her breast brushing against my face, her firm nipples leading the way to my lips. Why do I think of that? There must be a reason.


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We all have friends that would drop everything to save us. It’s the times we don’t need help that they’re not nearly as attentive.

AK (excerpt)

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They said AK, AK, if you want to come here, if you want to come to Antioch, you have to bring your A+ game. If you want to run with the big boys. That’s what they said. So I brought my A+ game.

And the fucking black dress.

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The fucking black dress; the fucking black dress that obfuscates whether or not you're pretty in the face, that obfuscates the sound of your voice, that obfuscates the color of your hair, your eyez, your skin,

skull of a sheep

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You are in a car speeding through Dublin towards the West year after year the journey uncoils past the same landmarks Kilmainham Jail strapped to a chair bullet to the brain on by the Rowntree Mackintosh factory where the black and yellow and orange and r


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here’s the deal… sorrow follows tears… pain later for the happiness now… is the joy something we only borrow…?

This Story Has No Title

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They watch her, scald her skin with hot eyes whose stares run up and down her body like lice.


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Everybody knew the McDonald’s at the Waterfront was selling theraflu stamp bags, and I guess I’d heard how bad it was for you—they’d had reports of dumbasses ODing on channel 2, 4, and 11—but it was a lot stronger than regular heroin and a lot cheaper...


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