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Polar Bear

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“The bear can run 100 yards in 8 seconds. These rifles can fire 5 shots in 8 seconds. So if a bear charges, I give you four seconds. After that, boom.” The guide put down the rifle. “I will wait for you to shoot,” he said. “But not too long."

Wrestling with Genetics

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I know he's an accident waiting to happen.

Hybrid Man

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The day I met Griffin Burns was the worst day of my adult life. However, it wasn't a series of unfortunate events, one mistake which followed an unlucky break which followed a bad situation; nothing …


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pretending to be lifeless


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the phony oo-rah spirit

Bigger than Michael Jordan

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The ball thuds against splintered planks, once the gate to our backyard, nailed to a telephone pole that Pap, my grandfather, has cut down to size and planted in the dirt he cleared between the gravel driveway and the irrigation ditch.