Stories tagged spirituality

The Awakening

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Aura arrives with the incense and her mysteries. Her scent of wet earth, and crushed flowers, a touch of Jasmine and Frankincense. Her dark hands passing over my body, her warmth. A whisper. A prayer.


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"Isn't it time to remove the nails, and put Jesus to rest once and for all," Mary asks.

The Saved Man

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I talked to the Saved Man in a bar in Khao Lak, Christmas Day 2004. Not that I cared that it was Christmas: I remember the date because of what happened the next day.

a mother speaks to a stone

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Who made your wings? Who draped your dress? Did you hold the granite heart when they engraved it, when they set my child’s picture there?

One Slow Dance with Buddha

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So suppose that it is a cool night with just a hint of autumn in the air and this woman, just your average woman, say, is standing in the dark so nondescript and let's say he'd looked at her, looked through her, half a dozen times or so in that sea…

We're Here

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"Let's the beginning...came from...hmmm...does it really matter to you?"