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Abre La Puerta

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My daughter, now four, can count to 15 in Spanish. How old are you? Cuatro. How old will you be on your birthday? Cinco. She likes Dora and thinks Diego is weird.

Language Lesson

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I smoked my cigarro under his watchful eye. We were never able to make too much conversation even when I was teaching him at Educenter. Now that David had opened his own school, Evert had come to learn with him because it was much more affordable, but he

Miami Beach

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He thought about what his grandmother would say, if you are too smart too soon you won’t grow you’ll stay short and your head will get bigger and bigger.

33 and a 1/3

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I've been in Tucson two days, and so far most of my conversations with my father have taken place while I crane my neck and squint into the sun. I scream up, he screams down. He needs to fix the leaky roof before the rainy season, he says.

The Fat Man's Third Wife

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They say it was like an elephant married to a dove. Imagine, me, a dove! Ridículo!

Blue Skies

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These weren't the dark rooms of Seattle where I'd drunk pints alone and with friends in my twenties and thirties.