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I grabbed the overhead rail, flexing my biceps and easing my pelvis in his direction.


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I inhale the smoke from a burning cigarette held between two stained fingers that are not mine.

A Halo of Smoke

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My father is dying but he cannot stop smoking.

Public Service Announcement

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KZEN ninety two point three; "because every freak deserves a break..."


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A man, Athens, April.

A Walk Down Delancey

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my exposed flu-ridden head

Swashbuckling in the Dark: Prologue

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The night sky was scorched red with fire; the once peaceful night now had become a living nightmare. At first, it had been the distant booming of cannon fire, but now the terrified screams tore through the night. Louder still was the ringing in my head and the sound of…


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I didn't see the explosion, the moment when the bomb knocked my brother off his feet like a micro-burst of air lifting a bouncy house, then slammed him back down. Black smoke swirled around the room along with licks of fire. Ground floor windows shattered like women…

Delphi and Parlor Games

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Ghosts// and the voice of God/ never actually visited you

Smoking Giants

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I think they've always been together, talking amongst themselves about whatever is happening around them. A part of me wishes they'd walk into the cave and disturb whatever is burning it from the inside out.