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All Good Catholic Boys Like to Suck Lolly's Pop

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Visions of sugared powdery plums danced behind closed lids as he inculcated the prayer ruled by nuns into his knuckles since youth.

The Perfect Fox

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“You look very glum for being so white,” said the fox. “Do you believe in Jesus?” asked the unicorn.

Beautiful Are the Feet: Part One

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Naomi hadn't expected them to come in such a big box. When the UPS man tried to hand it to her, she told him there must be some mistake, but then he pointed to her name¾NAOMI BROWN¾right there on the top. When she finally got off all that tape, she had another…

Beautiful Are the Feet: Part Two

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Naomi saw an ad in one of those slick circulars that came in the mail. ' Wigs by Paula."

The Truth about the Law

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I hear the undying screams of the children outside.

Religious Entourage.

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She continues to drag the holy words Of her sacred scroll, to the ends of time A never-ending expedition with Saints of Hope The intention of uncovering truth In lies masked with pretty little ribbons The Mass of false segregation and …