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My Lucky Tooth

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At that point he would leave and listen to the scientists as they debate as to why the moon has organs and why they are covered in a thick fat.

The Shark

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I quit going to the AA meetings after the first one because they didn't want me there. Al, the handyman, six years sober, and a better husband for it, told me so. One bottle of wine a night is not an addiction. And the fact that I live alone,…

The Old Man and the Shark

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The shark’s voice was dark, warm and scratchy, like dying embers.

The Eric Dolphy Marching Band

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My wife storms into the kitchen with a pink mako shark slung over her shoulder, barking "Dinner!" towards me as I sit on the counter swishing my middle finger through a bowl of sand.

Watson and the Shark

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..."children are called home by quiet wives."

Spirit Voices Saying Yes

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some are cameras, some are daggers, some are sauces pans, others are swords, and some will run off and others will burn a hole into the spot which they land.