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Aberdeen Of The Mind

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"...My Bodah buddy's left eye was of sparkly lapis lazuli; the right one? Pink with sty stripes that swirled like barber pole into pure Infinity..."


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There is nothing I love so much as a fat person, or admire. The largeness of their soul demands abundant sufficiency of casing and, further, because they are so grand of psyche, so much more than those who are skinny (not I!), they need—require—that f

King Street Station

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Despite the newly bright bricks and the working clock, Cassie couldn't help but take a deep breath before entering King Street Station. She had always tried to hold her breath when her family cut through it on the way to Mariners games but had never succeeded, not…

Linda Vs. Sound

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Normally, after her shift, Linda would make herself a latte, untie her apron, and study at one of the tables. That evening, however, KEXP kept playing songs with grating guitar riffs, and loud laughers were everywhere. She chugged her coffee, burning her tongue. Then, she…

Dream Boats

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The Inauguration Day Windstorm had blown out half the downtown lights to celebrate its twenty-first birthday. Two old friends flecked with gray snow and white hair sat on the boulders that kept the Sound from sweeping away Myrtle Edwards Park. Look at all the…


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I am warming up the Hotel Hugo courtesy shuttle van when Victor the front desk manager comes striding out waving his arms asking me why I haven't backed up yet. Victor says I'm always in my own world when I should be paying attention to the work at hand,

Turning Heads

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Crows cawed, kvetched.

In the wee small hours

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If you're in an airport in the predawn hours, you are by definition a failure. You failed to make your flight; the airline gave you motel money but you're hoarding it

Confiding in the Airsick Bag

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In row nine, there was a lady on the window seat. Seeing the potential of space between us, I asked, “Mind if I take this one?” “Not at all” she said as if she hadn't a friend in the world, apart from the poor bastard now sitting in seat 9D.

The Chainsaw Baron Prophecy

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I’d do the same thing every weekend: get high on fiber, design a robot. Wait, back up. I’d come home from work, Friday night. I didn’t know anyone in Jet City because I spent all of my free time trying to shoot my movie, The Predatory Lender’s Jukebox


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My damn thoughts scatter like mercury across the bathroom floor.

Watering Cacti

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It’s time to untangle the reality of life from the dream-like warmth of another’s body.

Chief Seattle

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Neighbors trade novels through windows

Lines with Billie Holiday

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It is almost as if there isn’t a wedge of wood between us – I can feel him inches away from me. I can’t control the sigh or the tears that escape my body.


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And no one died achieving aristeia/ in this battle. We have come/ at least some little distance.