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Ink Darkly the Painted Seasons a1 s01-2

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So long I have journeyed a poverty-stricken fugitive seeking shelter, and know rest only in the hollow of your hands.

Bromancing the Stone

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This plethora of fucks didn't strike me as very YA, but what do I know? I grew up in Texas where we don't let Young Adults read books with cuss words in them.

IDtPS a2 s55-57: Of His Soul Defraud

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This to remembrance keep: heed my call that you may avert wasteful woe, lest in fury I impregnate the earth's womb with still-born corpses.

Excerpt from VITAL FLUID, published by Enigmatic Ink

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Herein lies the danger of the practice... If the mesmerist is corrupt of heart, foul of mind, and diseased of soul, the VITAL FLUID which he projects will be tainted...

IDtPS a1 s03-04 Exile of a Pariah

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Is it not said, "To cover the eyes and snatch at swallows is to fool oneself?"

Moving to Los Angeles

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JOE and LIS love baseball and attend a Dodger game.

Heathcliff & Heather - a sudden, inevitable romance

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Quiet on the set. Cue the wind. Closeup on the hair, and ... action!


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A small house is blanketed in snow.