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Something With a "B"

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"Welcome to Pronto Laundry! hablamos español!" The bot had positioned himself strategically before me just inside the door of the establishment like a dog. It was a Percy One Forty-Nine; in my opinion one of the better engineered makes of all the over-p

Not Without a Fight

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They travelled across the ocean's floor in a cloud of black ink and tentacles. Behind them was a waste of metal and glass and escaping gasses. A few men scrambled through the debris in wetsuits, trying to evade the stinging spume and the jagged quills littering the remains…

Not Just Vegans

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V4 is a hot, humid planet in the Signi System. Its climate is ideally suited for producing our world's rice supply. The first colonists reported great success in converting the wetlands into fertile paddies. Shipments of V4 rice began to arrive via wormhole last…

Fellow Scavengers

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In the weeks after the blasts, Benton wandered the wastes looking for radioactive material from the bomb. If he didn't eat soon he would die. He would join the numberless others. Charred, decaying shrapnel lay buried in the rubble of what used to be…

Final Transmission

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Two months into the mission we were all losing our minds. Everyone who ate in the mess from Day 40 and onward was poisoned. The dispensary was soon overrun by crew members seeking an antidote for the hallucinations. By Day 50 most of the crew was dead. …

Point and Click

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It was nearly dinnertime. In his segment of the pod Alvin could hear his wife and child stirring. Soon they would emerge from their chemically-induced coma. Alvin peered into the cellar. The traps were bare. He used the web to dial a wormhole. It opened to…

Final Concert

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They made their way to Neptune PC on foot. It was their favourite band's last show. This is going to be special, Jay said, taking a hit from his flask. I met them after Berlin '92 last week. They're very nice, Trevor said. They should be, for the amount we're paying. …

No Title

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She spilled her neurons across the dissecting board of the violin, breathed deep and forced herself outward with every exhalation. Her molecules mixed with wax and horsehair, and her heart valves arched in unison.

I'm a Clown in His Circus

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He called me Jay. I called him Dr Corvid. Until the very end, we lived alone. We had no use for any other companionship. I was Dr Corvid's finest achievement until he perfected his Disintegration Ray. I was the first working prototype of Project Novus.Dr Corvid created me…

Alternate Timelines

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Physicists say that a tremendous amount of energy has to be generated in order to rip through space-time, to jump to another place, and at this time, we're incapable of doing it. I have to disagree. They've never met my brain. I fear it's going to kill me

Blind Spot

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If the photographs made sounds, they would rumble like static from an impending thunderstorm, pressed between the pages of a yellowing dictionary. Compressed sound, searching for the proper words.

Wounded Knee

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“They picked me up in their spaceship about noon,” Austin Grantham says to me while pulling up an apple crate to use as a stool.

Lost In Space

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He was jolted awake from his light slumber by his pod crash landing. Landing? That means he found a planet. He opened the pod and got out to stretch his legs. He looked around. "Wow, and I thought Aleria was advanced. This is amazing."

A Taste For Music

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“Nothing we have here can stop them,” the Lumi said, “We were hoping there might be something in your world we might try.” “Even if we had something, how would I get it to you? ”We are working on that, in the meantime, will you help us?” I

Art & Me

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A human cop and a cyborg detective team up to solve a case. A sci-fi-pulp-noir-detective story.