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Reindeer Nights

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It all started a long time ago. September 1, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. His army was moving fast. We lived not far from the city of Krakow. On the third day of invasion a lot of men (civilian) walked through our city, running away from the German Army.

Lenin's Paintings

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I was going through Lenin's jewelry and his paintings with a team of experts. I got the idea that I was hired to verify his paintings, although I didn't know he painted. When I went home people were staying with us who were actors and actresses, and


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My name is Op. That is what they call me, because everything anyone says, right away I think the opposite and head that way. So I am Op. I spent the War in Georgia, a section of southern Russia near the Black Sea, which is how I survived that whole mes


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And so the winds of change blew from Hilda Park to the last frontier of the eastern bloc. The heavily guarded border that once separated the east from the west is gone, Its high walls sledge-hammered into a million dusts, barbed wires released from her eternal coil and the…

Seventy-two Hours or Less

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If she was so much as a rounding error off on her count, her beautiful face would all-too-soon feature the most indelicate of scars

Voronezh. Samara. Tyumen.

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They have a saying in Russia: Live in Voronezh, work in Samara, die in Tyumen. In honour of Saint Rose, born on the banks of the Voronezh, fed the hungry and the poor of Samara, torn apart by wolves in Tyumen on the exact date that she had herself predict

Notes on a Travel Story

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150,000,000 dead Siberian mammoths undressed by snowmelt

Forty Versts to Petrograd

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"Off. Off with you all," he mutters.

Yalta Pas de Deux

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The Count was used to boredom but he had reached the point where he was even bored with boredom.

A Bear Hunt in Riga

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A Russian bear has trapped a full-grown Texan and absconded with him to his Baltic den, and we don’t know why. But we are hunting him, hunting them both. The Russian and the Texan.

Yagoda's Bullets

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But then the purge expanded with all the logic of a lottery and fear became its only goal.