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Beloved, my Bess

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Let’s cast a sweeping look across this Apple Isle and see in a valley, little known to the mainland, a garden gnarled like old man’s hands behind a crumbling house of red and ochre brick.

War Nurses and Lost Fathers - For Memorial Day

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I have been mother to a hundred soldiers, holding their hands barely knowing their names

For the Woman Who Has a Hundred

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“What would you get? What should you give a lady who’s one hundred for her birthday?”

Wild Garden

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Even though it was late November, it still bloomed. Extravagantly. Obviously it had no shame, obviously it reveled in its own beauty.

Angel Loop September 2013

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I tickled grass. I wanted to

Of Roses and Hyacinths

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The blooms are practical/ and cannot see themselves

Intelligent Design

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Posit butterflies/ as evidence of heavenly design.