Stories tagged robbery

Bandits in the Afternoon Rain

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Somewhere there are fires burning in oil barrels, ragged homeless men warming torn-mittened hands―one day I'll be with them.

Battle at the Bodega

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Mr. Lowell knelt down and put his face in his hands, his knees quickly covered in blood. Sobs.

Jackson Hubert Dies

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He was 5'3 with black hair and a comb over. He was 9.

Mary Lou's Lost Shoe

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“Why aren’t shoes ever abandoned in pairs?” She said.

Treading Water

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I was nine when I saw my first dead body.

Three Eights

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He fingered his remaining chips and the usual nervousness tingled at his spine.

Iago’s Revenge

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He laid low during daylight and ran the river during the pre-dawn and twilight hours on swift currents from mountain snowmelt. There was plenty of food and water to sustain him along the way. After six days on the river he pulled out and hid the stolen boat in…