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Pieces of Lou, part 1

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Camper Stacks arrived at the offices of BURN magazine on January 14, 1989 in a state of unaccustomed joy: Lou Reed was going down.


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Her letter ends with her best words: No one will ever love you like I do. Beneath, she draws a heart, sad eyes, two jewel tears. Yours forever, Dawn. Hole by hole, not to wake her sister, she pulls the paper free, creases, folds again, then cuts…

Saving Grace

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It essentially comes down to this: If you have nothing left but paper, all you can really use it for is wiping your behind if you’re in a jam.

Revenge at the Nudist Camp

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When my mother called to tell me what had happened with Francine, she was crying. The minute Francine left, my mother understood that woman had bamboozled her. We got on the next jet down to L.A. and rented a car. Gina and I drove all the way out past Ont

Marzy Needs Groceries

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“I'm not gonna do it Eddie, I don't care how many times he asks for his payback, he's getting serious about it, but no way. I thought at first I could put him off forever, that it was a big joke, but he's pushin for it all the time.”

Driven Crazy/My Eyes Have Seen

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with hips and bottom as wide as the Mississippi / They carry it back home/ others to have/ can’t digest it/

London Fog

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I stumbled out of the Ten Bells pub, still a bit tipsy from the absinthe, but had a clear vision of what I wanted to have happen this night. The air was cold on my rosy cheeks, so I shielded my face…

Three Manny Opera

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The icepick hovered near his chest as he absentmindedly....

Three Manny Opera 2/5

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Chapter Two The tree trunk was wide across, perhaps three feet, and a good three feet tall. It sat in the middle of the small empty lot that was sandwiched between the connected rows of government duplexes and the back alley of the small u-shaped market, comprising of…

Three Manny Opera 5/5

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Chapter Five He came out to the back, the hen in his left hand and the axe in his right, irritated the other one was taking so long to get the ice inside. He wiped his hands on his dingy lunghi, raising it up to wipe his sweating face, revealing his dangling genitals.…

Once There Was A Man

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And there sat one man. Searching for words and solace. The silence returned and the colors peeled off from the walls. Darkness returned with fledgling light. He threw back his head and filled the emptiness with his laugh. He laughed in mirth and in misery

Without A Trace

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There, at that cabin, she had first tasted the back of a hand in anger, the sting of a horsewhip, bone-deep fear and, finally, an unthinkable act of self defense.

The Lady of the House

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“Excu-use me? Do we pay contractors to ignore our wishes? No, we do not.” Mrs. Chimera had perfected the withering tone.

My Brilliant Career

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She'd lower her volume when she lied, like, if it was really soft, God wouldn't hear her. God did, and God stole her organic chemistry notes.

The Needle and the Damage Done

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“She never knew her, you know?” Chief Jack Gardner, retired, said to the duty officer absently, thumbing a well-worn photo in his rough calloused hands. His gravelly voice cracked a bit when he said it, catching his throat.