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Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 183)

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He was already up before the sun could cast the usual large, black blanket over the island’s tropical trees and paint pictures within its jungle. By now, the helicopters were already in landing position. Bullets and plasma shots were being sent back and f

Killzone Excerpt: The Return I

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He was hauled in on a white cloth, pulled up by four men on each corner. Killzone wondered why the cloth was white. It made it too obvious he was bleeding. He didn't want his men to see his wounds. None of them. But, even heroes bleed. He was zoning in and out of…

Killzone Excerpt: The Return II

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When they arrived at the base it was a quarter passed twelve in the afternoon. The sun sat right above the city. Rays of hope and triumph reflected off of Class 3 Assault Rifles and military vehicles capable of packing enough punch to put a hole in your motivation.…


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I first met death in an alley. A cat frozen stiff and stuck fast to the icy ground on a crackling, frigid February morning. Its blank eye stared up at the Iowa sky. I stared back. My little brother careened down the icy slope. His sled flew over the…


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Over our short, yet enduring relationship, I found that he was desperately trying to reconcile his ambitions with his situation. I left and he continued to be unhappy, trying to "fix" what he now realized had been broken all along. In the end, a span of a


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We continue,/Held beyond all surface Liking it still/And each other/Often surprised:/Like finding garden flowers/No one planted/In summer bloom

ok, ok, so I concede

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some answers are enough to make you cry or laugh yourself to death

Surrendering August

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on the far shore, in the vineyards timed charges explode like the sun catching on fire it scares crows away from the grapes

Driving Lesson

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Just take the mountain curves as tightly to the inside and as fast as surface conditions permit and the road’s edge

If I were dying

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The doctor told me: "You have 24 hours to live. no more, no less."

I have no face, but yours

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I wake to longing . . .