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Scene from "The Broadcasters"

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You think I had a choice? Let me tell you something. They own you. When you get this popular, they own you. Not the network. The people. The network just makes their best guess what the people want and gives it to them. You want to know why we do it? They

Rain Turtle

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The first thing Vera did after her dismissal from the mortuary was buy a pack of cigarettes.

A Decent Disaster

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It’s raining, she said. I said it was cold. We agreed that it was wet.

Getting Rid of Her, Part 3

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Part three of the exciting real life horror series set in Carecorp, America's corporate hospitals.


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Black bugs are falling, fluttering down like big, black snow flakes. Two bugs, almost always, sometimes only one.

Pomegranate juice thief walks home

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That is a six-word story. Notice that the meaning does not change with the word count. Syllabic count: pentameter (ten). Keep these commas.