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For The Sea of Pill

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In his dreams, he swam in piles of pills. Sometimes the piles were infinite, other times the were contained, tonight the pills were intense shiny reds, chalky yellows, deep blues and matte purples and swirled around in a children's inflatable castle. Derek swam happily,…


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my molars are dancing, tekka-tekking to the strung-out paint can groove of my heart.


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My knuckles are red from holding me up against the tile. I lick the pill off my hand, then I wonder if it's today's pill or if it's a pill for another day.


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My table offers up the gutted calf/ with carrots and potatoes yanked / alive and whole


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Erased. Like chalk across my body, a fine powder of forgetfulness, with a few swipes --- all those names and faces, gone. The letters burned.