For The Sea of Pill

by Amy Guth

In his dreams, he swam in piles of pills. Sometimes the piles were infinite, other times the were contained, tonight the pills were intense shiny reds, chalky yellows, deep blues and matte purples and swirled around in a children's inflatable castle. Derek swam happily, gobbling each pill with a happy “nyha nyha nyha” sound and rubbing his stomach as it filled with capsules until the pills began to blink their tiny eyes, gnash their teeth and roar back at Derek.

Derek awoke with a jolt and peeled himself slowly from his bedding. He still wasn't use to sleeping pill trips, the ones with the good stuff that left nothing in the morning but the memory of a good clean trip. He reached to the side of his floor-mattress and fished a baggie of crunched Go's from the shag carpet and schnorted (Schriepuh!) a rail to motivate.

Derek felt shitty for a solid second when stealing the meds from his sister's kids. But, the second passed when he thought about the masses of drugged kids, choiceless kids turned zombie brats. He was liberating them. This particular one, anyway. This Go didn't down them, it actually sped them until they burned their little bitch-kiss motors out.

Woodawoodawoodawoodawoooooooooodaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh then mellow vibes for the little tykes on trykes with bing boom skinned knees turned whole because who goes wild on summer vacation air when you can sit inside and veg on the tube. The same tube they'll take away to school with them and watch porn on and jerk off to and one day pawn to get the same glorious drugs fucking them up right now. Ping poom!

The hang time of this beep beep go was delightful and every idiot in the sandwich shop today ate fast and got the hell out, which suited Derek fine. He was into polishing today, and when everything was polished, he was into straightening. He (ooohhhhh, yeah, you're gonna sit right here, sssssss, yeah) scooted the large brown commercial welcome mat this way and that and hisses while biting his lower lip to position it just right. Geep go go made him anal, which he wasn't crazy about, but it was okay enough when it lasted.