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Tea with Mrs. Doyle

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I looked at it awhile waiting for it to cool. She said, "Ahh, go on! - Go on, go on.”

Stiff One

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And so, almost as an afterthought, what with the attempted murder, the actual murder, the ecstasy and despair of salvation lost, gained, then lost once more, and Juanita --O Juanita!--the miserable, sick, drinking years…

A Night in Saudi Arabia

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I walk through nameless streets, narrow and winding, past shops selling scarves, spices, skins.

They make a perfume of anything.

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They make a perfume of anything. You could smell like a peppermint cream or a freshly mopped surgery; like semen spilled in a gym.

Naughty Alice -- There's No Laughter When You're Extinct

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Does life have an expiration date Alice asked herself? One must be careful when trying to deal with a broken person; you might cut yourself on their shattered pieces. Life can be like an arrow penetrating your heart. Hard and painful to pull it out, yet i