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Hemingway On Trash Day

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The morning sun rose up over the flat prairie, and the powdery snow crunched as you walked on it, and the air was so crisp it hurt as you took a breath. That is good, I thought. That is how you knew you were alive, and I was truly very alive, and there was not much to do so…

Doubting Thomas (poem)

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Do not go raging into that bleak night, Old age should know frustration's not the way; Float, float when all about you's losing light.

The Suburban Cowboy Catalogue

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The Suburban Cowboy Old West Snack Platter It's quiet out there. Too quiet. Dust devils spin like drunken dervish dancers and scraggly tumbleweeds cartwheel through desolate streets. You lean back on your chair outside the front door of Miss Kitty's and listen to the…


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It was a dark and stormy night.

Unveiling Kirkiss Automated Amazon Reviews!!!

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No! No! Nonononono!

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Blackbeard

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Across the placid sea/The only moving ship/ Was eyed by Blackbeard


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... a tap tap tapping