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They had been wintering on the Cape under gunmetal skies...

Krissi Jo Irving's Unique Suicide

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Krissi Jo Irving decided in early September that she could not go on living. She was tired of the wheelchair. She was tired of the soap operas and game shows.

Breaking Eyes

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-No, just drugged, I remind myself. The hallucinations are more real, more accurate than before. While the dreams get more nightmarish, the hallucinations get more nostalgic. I prefer the nightmares. No one knows if this treatment will work, but what bett

I Saw the News Today, Oh Boy

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We are infused with fear and dread/ of the world we won’t engage/ except through flat screens and remotes,

Snatch XII

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No. No. No.

Snatch (XIV)

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She's in charge.