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unblue, unblueing, unblued


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A man, Athens, April.


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The stifling August heat smacked Brady Kaufman awake. He tried to move, thought he felt the trailer's linoleum flex under his weight. After two attempts at leveraging himself using a scabbed-over elbow, he gave in and relaxed with his shoulders pressed to the splintered…

Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 128)

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He went to sleep that night with one thought. He said it aloud, to make sure the island heard as well. Cuddled into his tarp and weeds, he whispered, "When you need me, I'll be ready."

to swim

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While commuting home today, a few words I'd toyed with while sketching this out grabbed hold & wouldn't shake loose. I'm not sure as to the etiquette of rewrites here; I am sure if I'm "wrong" that someone will feel comfortable enough to tell me so. it's the…