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life in a day

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...a farmer in coastal California drives by a dead Cooper’s hawk, and says to himself, “Well, I’ll come back for the hawk later. I can hang it in the fruit trees to keep other animals away.” The weight of an avocado is too much to bear, and the smooth gre

No Kind Of Boat

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the Atlantic fucking Ocean between them

The Distance Between You

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It wasn't that I couldn’t imagine it. Rather, I could almost conjure the choreography to mind. One of his hands would graze at the side of my face. One finger would extend and stroke me, from my temples to my chin. He would press my body against something


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I can't tell the difference between my hands and my heart. I use them the same, they are both being pulled toward the ocean. Out of the beach grass begins a trail I made in the sand. Made by the dragging of limbs. I spent more than half the…


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these small hearts these late nights we crunch sand they fly kites

Pineapple Juice

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He always sat at the same table, underneath one of the umbrellas, his legs stretched out to their full extent. The man would sit like this, not sleeping, but not doing anything, except sipping on a pineapple juice that the waiter would refill several time

Ramona's Monologue

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We spoke the same language. I never had to hand you Cliff's Notes or cue cards.


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But now she was no longer the little girl.

He Dreams of a Small Boat at Sea

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He dreams again of ocean devoid of shore

The Sea of Dreams

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When I wake, I wonderwhat leaves the smile haunting my lips.There is only a ghostly remnant of your eyes, your touch, your kiss. Now I long for the Sea of Dreams,but my body is here imprisoned.Awake, I cannot reach you.The ship has departed; the tides have…

What Some Boys Do

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I squeeze the soft bag tighter between my legs.

Footfalls on the Waves

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I am alone with my thoughts, alone in my trek, alone in my life. But there is another figure who walks another beach Gazing in my direction from a thousand miles away

Patterns on Time

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I trip on the dimples, pimples, / divots camouflaged in the sand

Oysters, Raw

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The wake, wait, it struts in golden gladiator sandals--New shore! For Sale by Owner, I bargain, compete with crustaceans, abalone and sugar crabs..


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My darling stranded fish lays on a beach that was once ocean. Let me caress that rough flesh before she takes you back. I promise to be gentle.