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The nurse left work at five o'clock

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The witch had begun her ritual thirty seconds earlier. They were destined to meet, but they never did. Destiny has a way of changing its mind on witches (nurses too, for that matter).

Dr. Nishad

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Sometimes she imagined the piles of Dr. Nishad's medical waste at the end of productive day at the hospital. Stacks and heaps of connective tissue, lung matter, gristle and bone, cancerous clumps of tongue and stomach and ropes of bad muscles like wrung,


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“You look strangely familiar,” he said, taking a drink and swinging his leg over the horse, landing on the ground beside me ...

The Nurse's Dream of Flowershops

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the lazy leaves of a parlour palm finger lavender in a wine bottle.

The Happy Couple

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I explain the treatment. Introduce the four drugs I'm about to administer. What they are. How they work. What are the side effects. “Where's your port?” I ask. The patient opens up the top button of her shirt so that her collarbone is exposed. I place my