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Two poems

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I cut myself. Often. The bloodslice like thin lips parted/in prayer. life’s color drained to ashen/as the old world spins, pirouettes/like a circus dog on the back/of a galloping horse.

Hobo's Pastor

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The three of us traveled seven hours that day and Al traveled as far in the service of finding the right tool for his writing.

A Figure Left the Building

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A figure left the building.

Explaining To A Dog

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My wife tells me/your dog has vomited/ on the carpet AGAIN!

summer fields

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we ran that afternoon/across Bayshore lanes/into green blooming fields, beyond all those

Concave and Convex Images

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It’s all a matter of warped mirrors. As in the multi-mirrored passage I stood before as a boy

For the young couple in the stairwell passed on my way to teaching Medieval World Literature

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I have/been you/years before/of course


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Imagine the color when you close your eyes and stare at the sun. Then, crush it into a tiny ball, the size of your fist.

Grunion Fishing

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As spilled on a sandy Corona del Mar beach/both in moonlight and starlight so lovely/and strangely sad as if receding still

When the wind/sky really is God

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and all the trees are holding/their limbs up in prayer/and rain is mating with soil