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In the hot seat

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I sighed and looked deep into his eyes. “There is nothing more powerful than denial.”

It Wasn't Me.

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All however-many-hundred of us who were sprawled across that unknown person's yard and even into the parking lot of the diner next door snapped to an unheard alarm at 8:03 am. The day before that was 8:40. And the day before that was 6:19.


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someone left graffiti on the billboard over: "God's a hard act to follow"; the one that made the news

Getting There

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The monarchs that migrate to Mexico and California in the autumn every year live for only a month.

Twilight Like Quicksilver

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This is the magic hour.Twilight like quicksilverdusk turns to dark Through fog, rain & low scudding clouds the far shore peeks out, then vanishes. Snow and ice thaw and melt Run-off roars and thunders white water tumbles through rocky gorges …