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Gooberz, begun in 1967, is a long poem riddled with a myriad of occult references and symbolism. It is also a thinly veiled autobiography, which explores two of her significant romantic relationships: her marriage to William Snyder and her love affair with marine biologist Robert Brewer. It also touches on the birth of her four children Sally Snyder, Bill Snyder, Jill Goodman and Michael Goodman. The book surveys her ideas on reincarnation, karma, love, and miracles.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Anthony Powell. Jack Vance. Susan Cooper. Kingsley Amis. Evelyn Waugh. Caroline Blackwood. Dorothy Baker. <i>The Book of Ebenezer LePage</i>. JG Ballard.

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Robert Vaughan – Jul 15, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Chris!

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