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Submission Guidelines

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The Warbler Review prides itself on publishing new and established artists we only pretend to have heard of or admire. Past contributors include writers who use middle initials, two first initials, and/or a middle name that sounds like a first…

The famous author stepped up to the podium at a book reading and began to read the first page of his novel, which went like this

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The famous author stepped up to the podium at a book reading and began to read the first page of his novel, which went like this:


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I remember as a child that I could never perform on cue in public restrooms, like at the zoo, when my mother thought it was about time or it was convenient because we passed one on the way to see the scruffy great-maned lions or the polar bears, lazy in t

My (Imaginary) Dinner With Lydia Davis

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Everyday I take advantage of my looks, for example I never remove lint from my socks, my gloves, or my hat.

An MFA Creative Writing Essay Question

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7. Using Cohen's Method of Structure craft a piece of fiction featuring unexpected conflict. (12 points)

Transcript of a Bachelor Party

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The whole time we were together it was awful. Really a toxic rela­tion­ship. We hated each other. But I never broke up with her because I always felt I owed her some­thing for secretly giv­ing her mono.

The Serious Writer Is Not A Cougar

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Parrots live to be older than forty. Sometimes, she wonders if she wouldn't feel more comfortable being sexually defined as a colorful, quirky bird.


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Stop! the voice commands in a guttural shriek. Do not move. You are under arrest. But the voice is only in his head; he has created it the way a writer creates characters on a page, and it is just as real to him as if someone were really there.

The Naked Mountain

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Once upon a time, a young writer decided to leave his home in Iowa City, and seek wisdom in the East.

Word Space

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It never fails that just when I need a certain word, a particular phrase to make the story work exactly right, it slips out of my mind and slithers around the corner and down the stairs.

That Godot Guy Again - a True-Life Story

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This is what happened today.


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"They called him a syllannibal: a person who eats his own words. The only words he ever ate, however, were the ones he had written."

Night & Day

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It was oddly quiet, and the air had a strangely urgent quality. The sun came out, and water on the leaves and branches turned oaks and aspens into Christmas trees.

A Literary Separation

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"Mark, please talk normal. That earnest tone in your voice sounds stupid and self-important."

This is Not a Novel

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He had written three-hundred thirty-five pages worth of drivel, pure drivel. He picked up the MS, dropped it into a trash bag, and tossed the bag into the dumpster behind his apartment.