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"Isn't it time to remove the nails, and put Jesus to rest once and for all," Mary asks.

Her Own Age

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He had a country house, she said, but it was near the city. She said the house was about as old as he was and she loved it— from the wood-framed windows to the heavy wood doors... to the garden on the side of the house

A Moment's Change

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Then he spoke of her cowardice, and from within, her heart fluttered and a soft heat branched out across her chest, face, and stomach pits and she felt imprisoned by that room.

This Night

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On the balcony the rain felt gentle on my face and across the street in a window I noticed two figures embraced. The clouds had not yet passed above me and the night was still as dreadful as it had ever been.

Him and his Father

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Snow was falling. People passed by the window and wore large coats. Inside, Alex stood in front of the window and watched.

And her child

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The mother was happy, though. She was happy because she could make him some soup and then she could feed it to him in bed.

An Advent Cookie's Rumination

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The sugar cookie sits on the cold counter. Alone. He is cut in the shape of an angel, a fact which often causes him to contemplate the possibility that he may not be a cookie at all, but an angel. Who says he couldn’t be?