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The Trouble with Hope

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It's so fragile anything can kill it— one cold night, the smoking chimney too far off in the distance, another drought, everyone at the table either drunk or estranged; but like a fisted bud, it rides out even the deluge …

Raft of Worms

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I learned to love what we had: the long, bright days, the water all around us, and even their slithery bodies, which somehow never dried under the pounding sun.

keys, muted trumpet nearby

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jazz & spring timesometimes mean the same thingthat thing: im prov i sa tionor maybecollab'ration (perhaps)between strangers, orangeblossom perfume sinkingagainst the shallow while while while--while the horizon…

The Devil Line is a Violin (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.1)

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Rosea plays a bohemian plainsong for the cosmonauts among us, while her fuzzy apple hips spit glitter, spin strobes: pink shades of pantyline flicker; lip-licked neon hues scrape strings in B sharp, a gloomy clue.

Lick the Empire (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.3)

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Can you see the rut? Can you dig your fingers into the flesh?

Ruptured, Weeps the Hole: The End (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 10)

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She dips a toothpick in ink, running prick over paper, simply to prove herself wrong.

Darkness On My Mind

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Darkness on my mind doesn't make me blind.

What's a Horse without a Loofah?

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A horse is a horse Of course, of course Unless it's a horse Without a Loofah You better look into the mirror Check the picture window too I may not be the only one Who's broken Don't it take a little more When I'm not with you? Don