What's a Horse without a Loofah?

by Jerry Ratch

A horse is a horse 

Of course, of course 

Unless it's a horse 

Without a Loofah 


You better look into the mirror 

Check the picture window too

I may not be the only one 

Who's broken


Don't it take a little more 

When I'm not with you? 

Don't try to fix me anymore 

I ain't the one that's broken 


It's been years since

We have really spoken

Other than poking fun at one another

Or just joking


Lately, I hate to say it,

But lately you been acting

Just like your mother

And we both know that ain't good


If you want me in your neighborhood

You better fix your flats

And check the engine

That ain't running under your hood


Cause the wires they been crossed

And somehow double-crossed

And in the woods you been lost

Cause I know you been up to no good


I seen the look that's in your eyes

That ain't the look of innocence

I know the look when I see it

Cause I been there myself


Yeah, I went and said it

I been there myself

And that is how I

Know that look so good


There's an old saying round these parts

You'd best listen up, and get off the sofa

Cause it goes like this

You can lead a horse to water 


Yeah, you can lead a horse to water

But you can't force him to bathe 

No, you can't force your horse to bathe

Without a loofah 


That's right, you'd best get off the sofa

You can lead a horse to water 

But you can't force him to bathe

Without a loofah 


Enough's been said

I don't mean to be a goof-off or a doofus

But you cannot force a horse to bathe

Without a loofah