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Using Mini-Golf as a Metaphor for the Shortcomings in My Love Life

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My girlfriend, Anna, was not at the party but out of town for the weekend. I promised myself I would kick her out of my apartment soon. That was in the works since God knows when. She was never going to leave voluntarily and this maneuver, I figured, woul


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Their footsteps stopped suddenly, leaving them staring at one another across the bleak expanse of playground at south Los Angeles' Gompers Middle School. His uniform's white polo shirt felt too restrictive as he watched her budding solar plexus rise and f


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A cloudy autumn morning greeted Sean as he stepped from the trolley at Grand Central Station. On his way to the tracks he purchased a copy of The New York Times dated October 24, 1934.


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“Sounds like a wonderful duet; you groan and I moan. Hell, I’ll work up a moan that’ll drive dogs bonkers.”

Caterpillars in love.

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"I who?" Mrs Caterpillar slithered closer to the door, peeping through the peephole with her stemma. Upon visual inspection, she discovered that it was Mr Earthworm standing outside in the rain.


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Henry inherited the fence maintenance.

I'm No Gentleman

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My new life began one night in a stranger’s house when I was stripped down to my underwear. Out the window I saw a Jaguar sedan belonging to the owner roll onto the driveway. I rushed to put on my trousers, zip my fly, and escape out the window.

Lips unsealed

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They had a vague idea of how lips were to be used. Lips that parted feverishly, lips that burned. Lips - old, but still amateur. It was no wonder, considering that 'boys from good families' would never dream of even looking at a woman, let alone kiss her!

Sentimental Me

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Love is so so sweet.


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“Tell me again,” you whisper softly, “about the songbird.”


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Della's husband was a grateful man. He told her thank you at least twenty times after every meal, no matter what she fixed. Why, she could probably put a dead toad on his plate and he'd eat the whole thing like it was filet…

A Wedding Toast

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She was feeling shy and awkward just like everyone else was in that classroom, but she also had a strange sense of confidence that comes when you know you're different from everyone else.

Brussegem, a snug hell (novel excerpt)

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Long ago, this painter Brussegem had hung the dark mantle of Outcast Artist” over his shoulders—and over his life, he formed a strict philosophy—Art and Only Art—and protected his solitude and artistry with all his moody might,....

The Tale Of Cunegunda

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Now it should be mentioned here This is certainly the time That Cunegunda lived in Ipswich A beastly place to rhyme.

::HARD (excerpt)

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It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t scary. It wasn’t great. And it never is with people. Except..eventually..when you meet the right is.